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3 May

Today I received the news of the death of my mother. I believed the last time I saw her that we would only meet again in the life hereafter and I said my most loving goodbye as I was about to leave for China. There is no doubt in my mind that, in spite of this sadness, she shares my joy in this most momentous journey I am on and approves.

I will not be able to attend any of the events surrounding her funeral but hope that my family and friends will know that I am present in spirit. In my eyes my mother is the finest soul a person could hope to have for a parent. I have never heard anyone ever say a negative word about her, so I believe that the respect I feel for her must be a common feeling for every person who knew her. She was the first to teach me to look at every human being as an equal, to avoid the feeling of prejudice about anyone and to be friendly to each one that I meet. It has proven to be of the greatest value in my life.