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18 April

I left the hotel at about 9 AM in pouring rain and went to Nanjing Rd for breakfast at McDonalds (the first meal there) on my way to the English Corner at People's Park. It stopped raining just before I arrived and there were already a few people there, some of whom I have met before. I wiped the rain off a bench to sit as I expected it to be another long day of constant questions and conversation. I remained seated there most of the day except during a few periods of light rain. Again it is a full day of intense interest shown by the people that gather around me. Mr. Fat again came by to insure that I know that he is favourable with my presence there and encourages everyone to listen to me. He brings a few young girls to be introduced to me and insists that they ask questions and listen to my answers. He also come to tell me when he is leaving and encourages me to return next week.

I agree to go for supper at the Super Brand Mall with two men from the group and we continue to converse for about another hour. One of them states that he came this day specifically to see me again and hopes to see me again next week. I need to get into the habit of writing down names so I can identify people properly. I hear too many to remember them and my memory for names is not good at the best of times.

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