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2020 Spring Trip calendar
Meander to Paris, Tblisi, Baku, Uzbekistan and Riga

Kelowna, 23 March

Just a little time before my 76th birthday and I'm alone at home maintaining social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I see the only way to eliminate this health threat is to prevent spread. If the spread is interrupted for a suitable amount of time it will die out. Infected people will become well, or unfortunately die, and residual viruses without a host will also succumb. Likely a vaccine will eventually be developed but this event should be resolved before that happens.

I have declined the September invitation to North Korea to participate in the Pyongyang Science and Technology Book Fair and recommended that the mass games preparations be suspended to prevent the dangerous spread of this disease. I expressed my hope to visit on a more auspicious occasion.

Kelowna, 25 February

I have spent a lot of this new year working on the development of new code for my websites.

The weather features are now all served from one location for all clubs and organizations to reduce the load request from the source of data.

I have also developed new code and methods for my travel calendars that should reduce the provision time for future trips.

The calendars provide flight status around the time of flights, weather for selected locations and other links provide accommodation information, how to get to the locations, etc.