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Weather newly developed API & display

Kelowna, 14 September

Kelowna, 1 September

A deer came to browse in our back yard

August Trip to Ivano-Frankivsk, Minsk and Frankfurt Map

Kelowna, 29 June

Videos of Lindea singing at Winfield concert Goatherd & Bosom Buddies

Kelowna, 25 June

This statement provides the best advice for G5 security I have seen.

Kelowna, 10 June

I have started to book my next overseas trip.

I will be meeting Robert and Karina at her grandparents home in Lviv, Ukraine for most of a week in August and then flying to Moscow to meet her mother.

My tickets from LWO to DME on 14 August have been booked. Now I need tickets from Kelowna and back home.

Kelowna, 3 June

I have been home about 4 days and am getting caught up with the work that needs to be done.

I hope to soon get around to putting up my album of pictures of my Turkmenistan trip.

2-30 May, China—Turkmenistan Trip Map

Kelowna, 19 January

Countries are a human creation; humanity is a divine creation.
My greatest allegiance is to the divine creation.