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Monday 22 April

I plan to leave for Nanjing, China tomorrow.
I'm getting ready! Some things yet to do!

Wednesday 21 February

Today I received my final eye laser treatment from Dr. Yap. I'm now seeing very clearly and should need no more procedures on my eyes for the rest of my life.
I have an appointment on 7 March to get an examination for reading glasses.
I'd like to get a pair of half-moon progressive (2x - 3x) reading glasses but the possibility looks dim.

Tuesday 13 February

New map development is now online at

Monday 29 January

Lindea and I are planning our spring and summer events and travels.

Saturday 20 January

We have returned home from our trip for rockhounding in Arizona.

The snow conditions have caused much bending of the back porch awning and we have had to remove the excessive amount of wet snow

I continue putting a lot of effort into development of this site and map development.

Monday 1 January 2024

The Gregorian new year begins.