I've book my flights to China
Fly to Nanjing 10 May - Return to Kelowna 8 June
This will be my first intrnational flight to/from Nanjing

Planning to also visit Taiyuan, Datong, Pingyao and Luoyang this time

Weather —⏩

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9 February

Lots of snow has accumulated where we live.

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Snow 4-6 February

About 7 inches of snow was added to the amount on the ground in the past 2 days where we live.

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Winter trip to Arizona
28 December - 1 January; The beginning of a new Gregorian year.
3 Honour 173

Our trip to Arizona was interrupted for a few hours on I-84 on black ice when a severe gust of cross wind blew our trailer off the highway into the ditch. Our slow rate of speed probably save the truck and ourselves from damage and injury but the trailer was not so fortunate. It is a write-off. The hitch drop-extension twisted like a pretzel likely protecting the truck from damage as the trailer bounced and rolled on its side.

Fortunately the trailer is insured with guaranteed replacement. However there is no trailer manufactured with the improvements I made to this one (I found it commonly admitted by dealers that RV's are manufactured with little durability as most are seldom used much), so it is likely I'll have to improve the new one to the degree we required and enjoyed with this one.

We continued on to Quartzsite with stops along the way to shop for a replacement trailer and arrived 1 January.

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An interesting picture taken while travelling in China 11 November 2015.