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cost in $Canadian Bank of Canada data
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Chinese yuan0.19830.19810.19980.19980.2009
European euro1.41961.41881.44371.43871.4489
US dollar1.26771.26541.27711.27651.2792
UK pound1.69001.68551.70301.69811.7005
100 Russian rubles1.69201.69201.69001.71101.7220

I'm not a gambler so not participating in the markets

(Began in the spring of 2021) I expect the Dow Jones Industrial Average to reach about 35,000+ by summer. Gambling is prohibited for me and the stock markets and cryptocurrencies have become a casino so I just observe and prepare for the consequences.

I see the flow of money from the governments to improve the state of wealth but believe it is unsustainable. As the years progress with these interventions the outcome will become more dire. They are inflating the value of market instruments beyond any imaginable worth and the return to reason will make the Great Depression look like a minor event.

Addendum (22 Aug, 2021): The Dow Jones Industrial Average is remaining above 35,000 most of this month.

Eventually a world currency, founded on the value of gold, will be instituted and these economic delusions will finally become a thing of the childhood of civilization. Maturity will prevail but not for centuries to come.

I expect the Dow to continue climbing with other markets around the world for the rest of this year and perhaps a year or so longer. However, it is not an economically driven reality. It is the pouring of money from newly created public funds that is driving it and will one day need to reconcile with reality. The distortions in many facets of global life will eventually be brought in line with science and reason. The situation in Afghanistan, though dire and undesirable, demonstrates the impossibility of one nation continuing to try running the world. Similar signs are emerging in other places, especially in Japan, Korea and throughout the Middle East, South America and Africa; wherever imperialism is practiced.

Eventually democracy will also develop universally so that all individuals have the same rights to participate in social governance, and party affiliation and ideological segregation will cease to control others. The system of government will be freed from privileged forces and truly democratic institutions of administration will be formed. But this too seems to be a far future condition.

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Weekday Gold Prices @5:10pm ET
Dateper ozper
2021-11-302,268.22 Canadian Dollars7.29 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-292,273.85 Canadian Dollars7.31 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-262,286.54 Canadian Dollars7.35 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-252,268.51 Canadian Dollars7.29 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-242,265.13 Canadian Dollars7.28 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-242,265.54 Canadian Dollars7.28 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-232,267.28 Canadian Dollars7.29 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-222,290.89 Canadian Dollars7.37 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-192,334.03 Canadian Dollars7.50 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-182,342.96 Canadian Dollars7.53 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-172,355.37 Canadian Dollars7.57 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-162,323.01 Canadian Dollars7.47 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-152,331.53 Canadian Dollars7.50 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-122,339.90 Canadian Dollars7.52 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-112,342.15 Canadian Dollars7.53 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-102,309.83 Canadian Dollars7.43 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-092,278.62 Canadian Dollars7.33 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-082,270.47 Canadian Dollars7.30 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-052,264.71 Canadian Dollars7.28 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-042,232.33 Canadian Dollars7.18 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-032,192.80 Canadian Dollars7.05 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-022,219.24 Canadian Dollars7.14 Canadian Dollars
2021-11-012,218.36 Canadian Dollars7.13 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-292,208.12 Canadian Dollars7.10 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-282,220.85 Canadian Dollars7.14 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-272,220.89 Canadian Dollars7.14 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-262,221.54 Canadian Dollars7.14 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-252,237.64 Canadian Dollars7.19 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-222,217.25 Canadian Dollars7.13 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-212,205.76 Canadian Dollars7.09 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-202,195.15 Canadian Dollars7.06 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-192,187.60 Canadian Dollars7.03 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-182,184.00 Canadian Dollars7.02 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-152,185.12 Canadian Dollars7.03 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-142,222.46 Canadian Dollars7.15 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-132,230.95 Canadian Dollars7.17 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-122,194.08 Canadian Dollars7.05 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-112,189.36 Canadian Dollars7.04 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-082,191.96 Canadian Dollars7.05 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-072,202.62 Canadian Dollars7.08 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-062,219.97 Canadian Dollars7.14 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-052,213.60 Canadian Dollars7.12 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-042,227.51 Canadian Dollars7.16 Canadian Dollars
2021-10-012,225.11 Canadian Dollars7.15 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-302,228.53 Canadian Dollars7.16 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-292,202.88 Canadian Dollars7.08 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-282,199.66 Canadian Dollars7.07 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-272,210.38 Canadian Dollars7.11 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-242,214.49 Canadian Dollars7.12 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-232,205.29 Canadian Dollars7.09 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-222,258.20 Canadian Dollars7.26 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-212,275.12 Canadian Dollars7.31 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-202,261.22 Canadian Dollars7.27 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-172,240.21 Canadian Dollars7.20 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-162,228.59 Canadian Dollars7.17 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-152,265.52 Canadian Dollars7.28 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-142,289.23 Canadian Dollars7.36 Canadian Dollars
2021-09-132,268.53 Canadian Dollars7.29 Canadian Dollars
2021-08-102,170.45 Canadian Dollars6.97 Canadian Dollars
2021-07-122,252.88 Canadian Dollars7.24 Canadian Dollars
2021-06-232,185.69 Canadian Dollars7.02 Canadian Dollars
2021-06-112,212.75 Canadian Dollars7.11 Canadian Dollars

Since working with currencies around the world I've been thinking about how to reconcile changing values over time.

I've decided to think of a global currency, a $Gold. For this 1.00 I've settled on the value of 1 decigram of gold. Although the quantity used may vary it is kept fixed to gold.

We are approaching a decade since Canada began the elimination of the penny and now the nickle is the smallest unit.
This value of gold places the smallest value at about 7-8ยข Canadian. A reasonable value from my point of view.

This invented currency provides a practical base for keeping a clear view of how currency and crypto-currency relationships around the world are changing and if some such were legally adopted by international agreement would eliminate currency value manipulation and ensure a more dependable monatary system.

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