The first home where I lived in 1944
where the family grew to both
parents and 8 children in 1949

Name: David Clayton Ellsworth
Chinese name: 古大卫

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
25 March, 1944

Retired but:
Trying to persist on the leading edge of website development.
Continuing the exploration of social, cultural, government and business activities in a spirit of global unity.
Developing relations with the (DPR) Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.
Consulting and arranging business relationships and travel with China, DPRK and remote Asian Countries.

Political philosophy:
Cultivate an open mind to promote the most desirable relationships that promote the evolution of human cooperation in the world. Foster fairness, equity and justice for everyone, with a willingness to work as a global citizen with others and avoid the political identification of conflicts while considering how these ideals can be realized.
Avoid affiliation with any political party or partisan ideology.

Volunteer activities:
Continuing social and business activities in cooperation with The Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.
Teaching English in DPR-Korea.
Development of friendship between North America and Asia.
Advancing the use of English to promote the understanding of ideas with Chinese characteristics in the context of the development of China's social, economic and administrative involvement in international cooperation and between the diverse linguistic groups in China.
Extensive relationships with high level business development interests in China; including Economic Development Zone institutions, international investment fund management, international business consultant groups and the initializing of high tech outsourcing opportunities in the Province of Jiangsu.
Ongoing development of innovative controls and functionality in the dissemination of information by web servers and email.
Experimental development of railway maps with a focus on the display of information using geographical browser technology, preferring open source resources.

History of Business & Work Experience:

  • Facilitated foreign business visit to investigate opportunities in DPR Korea.
  • English teacher at two high schools in Pyongyang.
  • Investigation and study of Economic Development Zones in China focused on the Province of Jiangsu.
  • Senior Consultant with Unitrue Translation & Consulting, Nanjing, China.
    • Expediting international business with China
  • Internet server administration, graphics and web design (Owner Ogopogo Webpages 1995-2012).
  • Software development in Perl, Java script, KML, HTML, CSS, Basic and machine code (since 1977).
  • English teacher in Nanjing and Beijing, China (2005-09).
  • Business use of office and accounting software.
  • Computer assembly, setup, networking and repair (since 1979).
  • UNIX, Windows and DOS operating systems (since 1987).
  • Actor "Li Madou" [Matteo Ricci] in the documentary "Life and Times of Xu Guangqi" (Jiangsu Broadcasting Corp., 2005)
  • Television production, programming, cameraman, interviewing and broadcast equipment operation (Kelowna Cable TV, 1976-1979).
  • Aerial photographer and sales manager (Continental Aerial Services, 1980-81).
  • Store manager + repair and maintenance of video cassette recorders (Video Gallery, 1981-86).
  • Installation and repair of major household appliances (1972-79).
  • Maintenance of automobile electrical and mechanical systems (since 1974).
  • Repair and maintenance of telephone central office equipment (Bell Canada, 1964-67, 1969).
  • Canadian Armed Forces - 4 Wing, PX warehouse shipping and receiving (1967-8).
    • NATO civilian component status.
  • Radio announcer and disk jockey (Canadian Forces Network, Germany, 1967-8).
  • Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Militia), corporal (1961-63, drill, truck driving and first aid instructor).
  • House building (1991-92 including foundation, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, gas fitting, floor and wall tile, cabinetry, painting, siding and landscaping).
  • Late model stock car driver (best finish: 3rd place - Pinecrest Speedway, Toronto, ON, 1966).
  • This is what my first car (1962 Chevy BelAire 2-door with bubble back window) looked like when I bought it in 1964, with my father's advice.

Deep and diligent self directed study of philosophy, sociology, and psychology from carefully chosen sources which include the texts of the world's great religions, with particular attention to learning and teaching methods elucidated in the Baháʼí Writings.
Focused observation of the effects of education in the evolution of civilization specializing in academic and practical study of science and technology, especially in computers and devices for personal use (e.g. Internet operation, computer programming, video and audio equipment, automobiles, residential building trades and household appliances).

I cannot establish my scholarly attainment by documented recognition from institutions of education, but I am satisfied that the results of my work in the fields of science and arts demonstrate the sincere pursuit and accomplishment in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Past Volunteer Positions:
President, United Nations Association of Canada - Kelowna Branch
Chairman, Kelowna Family Fun Day
President & Treasurer, Kelowna Computer Users Group

Countries and Territories Visited