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19 April

Whether it is for the building of subways, skyscrapers or apartment complexes; rudimentary living quarters are set up for workers on the site of the construction. It is probably a very efficient and convenient way to provide for the temporary accommodation of those needed to work in such a densely populated area. Also when they put up construction hoardings they are they are very sturdy walls of brick, mortar and concrete.

I go to the driving range this morning to swing at a few balls so that my game on Friday won't feel so rusty. It has been many months since I've swung a club and I hope a little practice may improve my game. I do hit a few well so perhaps it won't be too bad.

I have never seen so many people talking on cell phones and when not talking they are often playing games on them, taking pictures with them or just holding them in their hand. I seem to be one of the few without one.

One of the things I have often noticed about many of the young occidentals here is how big they are. Many are head and shoulders above of the rest of us and their girth is also noticeably greater.

I must be on the well known list of unrewarding experiences for the young female hustlers on Nanjing Rd. I have noticed some of them pass me by and approach more likely targets where the chance of success is greater. This day though I do get two offers from females and in an unusual twist, two offers from young males. There is also one opportunity to go see a nice "Shanghai lady" for sex or just to watch. Little do these people understand how undesirable I find such things and I do my best to avoid such encounters but they can be quite aggressive and insistent. In spite of this most of the day in downtown Shanghai is spent meeting and seeing interesting and friendly people.

I'm not sure if it is just by chance or if the marketing of goods is becoming more difficult, but today I have found some of the ladies in the stores being particularly aggressive and persistent in their sales tactics. Twice I've been taken by the arm and pressured to buy articles of clothing that I have no deisre to own. It was difficult to politely move on and look for a cap to shield my eyes from the bright sun. I finally find what I'm looking for and buy a cap with Shanghai on it and a long visor which I can also use for golfing.

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