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15 April

This was the final day of the Electronics and Components China Sourcing Fair. Again I spoke with many people including Fiorina Shen and her colleague pictured with me and reviewed product information. They expressed concern that my wife may be jealous to see me with such pretty young ladies but I reassured them that my relationship with her was very strong and that there was no need for any such worries.

I met with Ken Emobo (third from left) at noon as planned and gave him the details for the Hotel where I made the reservation for him and his friend (far left) from New York.

Almost every booth has people encouraging me to look at their products. It is almost always a very insistent invitation to look rather than an effort to discover whether one is interested, as though all that is needed to make a sale is to tell about the product. It reminds me of the street sellers throughout the city. I wonder if it is common throughout China?

I walked from the Shanghai Mart to the Shanghai Gymnasium Metro station (about 5 or 6 Km) and saw many nice looking apartment buildings along the way, then had supper at the Super Brand Mall and returned to the hotel. As I was waiting for the bus to the hotel the police were blocking all the traffic from using the street and then a long motorcade rushed by.

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