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13 April

Even though I got up early enough it wasn't long before I felt like I was running late. I decided to take it easy anyway. I thought it would be a long day and it does no good to start with too much anxiety so I took my time to eat and find my way to the Shanghai Mart expo center.

This would be the first time that I would take a bus without asking for information from others. I bought a map that has the bus numbers on it and felt confident enough to go it alone. I probably walked the wrong way to the bus stop after leaving the subway but I did find the next stop and saved much walking rather than walk all the way to the Shanghai Mart.

I spent from about 11 AM to 5 PM at the trade show and met many interesting people. My problem is not with what business will be successful in China but rather where to locate to begin building the business. I thought that with all the encouragement and obvious market, I should begin in Shanghai, but after talking with a business man from Xi'an today and his obvious interest and advice it looks like many places are open to my interests. I keep hearing much of the same advice. It is difficult to begin with the government approval required, but very possible. It is mostly a case of taking the time for consultation and establishing agreement with the necessary authorities.

A video crew spent a few minutes taping my conversation with an exhibitor at one of the booths to be used in promotional material by Global Sources the producers of the China Sourcing Fairs. I may never see the results but it was an interesting moment.

Among the people I met was Oris Ken Emobo from Belgium. He was a very interesting and friendly gentleman who I wish the greatest success.

I wasn't so good at finding the stop to get the bus back to the subway and ended up walking all the way to the Zhong Shan Park station. It was a more comfortable walk than I expected and probably improved my appetite. I satisfied my hunger by being a little more extravagant than normal with a meal of Italian spaghetti with meat sauce followed by coffee and a pineapple sundae.

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