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11 April

I got up earlier this day and prepared for a full day at peoples park.

I am immediately surrounded by people when I arrive and decide to sit on one of the benches. I know I cannot stand the full day. The first man who speaks with me is a surgeon.

The day is filled with countless people talking with me about a wide variety of topics. I avoid talking about individual politicians such a George Bush but otherwise comment on just about every subject imaginable including many views on science and religion. I am not surprised by comments made about Christianity and Islam but I am surprised when one man says he has heard of the Bahá'í Faith. The ages of those participating range from about 9 to 90. Some I met last week but most are new to me. I accept a bottle of water that a man brings to me but do not feel hungry and refuse the offers of food. I stay there on the bench talking for about 7 hours.

All of the people that I ask about their work are well educated and are either in University or have degrees. Many let me know that they want me to return next week and comment on how enjoyable the day was.

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