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Monday 27 November

I've spent the past month mostly dealing with the replacement of my eye lenses due to cataract degradation. Yesterday I completed the 4X daily application of opthalmic drops to the right eye. I have been told to expect a minor laser treatment for both lenses in a month or so. It may affect whether we go on the normally annual trip for rockhounding to Arizona.

Another trip that may be affected is a plan to go to China in the spring.

In the mean time I'm putting a lot of effort into map development.

Friday 13 October

I'll have an operation on 30th of October to replace the cataract in my right eye with a new lens. Then I expect to have good sight in both eyes for the first time in my memory; however, I'll need glasses for close up vision.

Monday 11 September

Due to health problems I've cancelled my plans to go to South Korea & China in October.

Saturday 2 September

I'm feeling well after 5 days following my left eye lens replacement. It's the first ime in my life that I can see clearly without glasses for it.

I've been developing a map for my hoped for tour of the North Korean border on the South Korean side.

Wednesday 23 August

I had my left eye lens replacement operation Monday. All went very well.

I'm very surprised at how bright and clear my vision in that eye is now. I removed the left lens from my glasses and can now see clearly at a distance without it.

It will take some time to adjust to this new view of life and the mind adjustment that is required.

Wednesday 23 August

The return to somewhat normal atmosphere

Sunday 20-1 August

Current RDCO Map

BC Wildfire Service

Our home is now in the alert area
Map as of ~noon 20 August
Red lines define burned areas
Red background defines evacuation areas - orange is alert areas

We live on the edge of the evacuation order, in the evacuation alert area. It is worse than anyone would like.
We have taken as much as we can tolerate (a couple hundred kilos, with important documents) to the farm of our daughters'. We spent the first night in our trailer that we took there, and the past 2 nights in the house of our elder daughter.
The fire has not come to our home, but it is nearby at times. The firefighters are doing the best they can but some houses have been lost.
I'm spending the days here in the house but ready to leave at a moments notice.
Things are looking better today with lower temperatures and calmish winds but the smoke it thick everywhere around.
The airport has been closed to regular daytime traffic and may return to some daytime flights tomorrow at the earlist.

Tuesday 25 July

The first rainbow I've captured this summer with a slight view of the double

Wednesday 5 July

I've been helping Lindea organize for the Okanagan Rock & Gem Show

Friday 9 June

3 more deer in our backyard in the morning

Wednesday 7 June

Another young buck in our backyard about 6pm

Saturday 22 April

Today I posted the update for the Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow website.
There is always improvements that can be made to any work I do,
but I'm hoping all is well.

Tuesday 28 February

Another snowy day viewed from home

Thursday 19 January

Wednesday 18 January

I'm now juggling the development of websites.

A new project is for the Weather.
This is to try out new stuff that I can also use with others including maps.

Near the end of the Chinese year of the tiger and into the year of the rabbit.

Sunday 15 January

I've been working on websites to try keeping them up to date.

My main project is the China Train mapping.

Sunday 1 January

The Gregorian new year begins.