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The effect of COVID-19 on my plans

I was seriously engaged in international relations and extensive travel before the COVID-19 pandemic and had three trips to Asia planned for 2020.

Two trip expectations to engage on independent projects in North Korea (one to teach English and one for the Science & Technology Book Fair) and one trip planned through China and Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely prevented these events.

I see most of my international engagement has been suspended for now and likely until late 2021 or sometime in 2022. A lot depends on the development of herd immunity to the pandemic preferably by vaccination, but otherwise through infection and death. I chose the vaccine.

I spend a lot of time at home and some other time with the immediate family that lives close by. Even other plans for family meeting from distant places has been foregone and must wait til the pandemic subsides.

I have virtually no public activity aside from necessary shopping. All such changes in lifestyle affect the social economy. From my point of view it is not nearly as active and affluent as it was, and likely will not return to such for years. My personal finances are growing with little need for spending as was customary but only because I am past the age of employment and, along with my wife, benefit from an accumulation of resources from many years of careful management of finances.

The mass of the workforce and poor people around the world have few such benefits. There is less demand for many of services and resources than previously existed. Most of the choices made by leaders are not being made to have it go otherwise. It is also more common for people to fight for the elimination of problems than to resolve and fix them. An example is greenhouse gasses in the environment. People look for ways to eliminate them rather than working to employ them. Production of carbon gasses has become a great excuse for taxes. The people in government want the money. However, the creation of new vegetation in desert regions is desirable and possible. On the scale necessary it would greatly reduce greenhouse gasses, likely moderate the climate on a global scale and provide great opportunities for a mass of humanity; but it necessitates the reconstitution of global bodies of study, administration and government. It would mean a fundamental change in concepts, attitudes and social relations. It would mean a change to viewing relationships as member humanity rather than identifying primarily as a part of a segregated group.

The real history of this time will ever remain a fact of life regardless of the commentary that tries to portray it otherwise. The US may continue as the leading force of economic and political life — and many will go to their graves deluded by such ideological illusions — but reality will become more clearly seen by many. This pandemic, as most do, will cause deeper consideration of our global relationships. A greater freedom from systemic prejudice will occur. Rational thought will progress. The hardship endured will teach many good lessons.

This will be a time of crucial emergence of human potential that will form new relationships for the future and consign old prejudices to the grave along with those that embody them.

I want others to know I'm fully vaccinated
so they can feel somewhat safe when I'm present

22 December

Got a Pfizer vaccine booster (3rd shot) this morning.

8 December

Omicron, the COVID-19 variant

I've see a lot of controversy over the pronunciation of this Greek letter when used for this purpose.

The main versions are:

  • o·muh·kron, identified as British
  • aa·muh·kraan, identified as American

I've decided to enter the fray with:

  • ow·me·chron

That's "it hurts me for a while"

plus deaths ...

23 November

Stats from Worldometer now shows we are experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 cases on a world scale.

The increases are mainly apparent in the EU, UK and the US as well as some Caribbean countries.

12 November

While recovering from my recent surgery I have continued to try to follow the economic development of this world.

I still consider the rising prices in the stock market to be driven by the infusion of money into the economy by government financial institutions. The US continues to lead the way in this disproportionate issuing of money. Privileged bodies gain wealth while the mass of people loose ground. Inflation is in excess of normal income. Poverty and hardship on the poor increases.Those who have increasing wealth and power over others generally are trying to find ways to increase the pressure used to force labour to submit to their dictates and are using the possession of billions of dollars as the allocation of power.

The economy is still going as I expected when this pandemic gained footing and continues. I believed the stock market and such financial establishments would benefit at least until the end of 2021 and likely beyond. However, my understanding of the science of economics conveys the prospect that the longer the infusion of more money into the hands of the privileged continues the more severe the correction will be. This policy increases the conflict that is developing between the rich and others, between the dictatorial and the rest of humanity. It will not be resolved by willful enforcement by individuals in positions of power. The events of this time will be recognized in the future as the cause of the evolution of more democratic government institutions and the recognition that character and competence is of much greater significance than quantities of money.

The obvious influence of massive wealth as yet overshadows the even more massive reality of poverty. The dwelling of the influencers on things like the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, buy now—pay later facilities, artificial intelligence, the valuation of currencies as relative to powers of political influence; all contribute to this illusion of life. I can only relate it to my understanding of a life on psychotic drugs. The vision induced by psychotic drugs is an illusion! Reality is the final outcome! The true forces of life—justice and social well being for all—will prevail.

21 October

While seeing that my China bank account has returned to normal operation I came across a reference to "China's new dual circulation development paradigm" and thought I should become somewhat familiar with it.

It elucidates the intent of the country to focus on both internal trade and consumption along with external trade and transportation with both supply and export facilities being developed. The government has stated: "We will advance the building of a strong domestic market and a strong trading nation in a concerted way, based on the domestic circulation," This, I see, is an obvious benefit for the country without harming relations with the rest of the world.

However when I read "The draft plan also called for efforts to expand the middle-income group in order to unleash the consumption potential.", "The domestic farming industry, for example, still depends on overseas imports in terms of breeding animals including pigs and poultry, and research on new breeding varieties could reduce external reliance and boost profitability" and "The draft outline has identified self-reliance in science and technology as a strategic underpinning for national development.", I felt some concern that nationalism was yet a serious problem.

I feel the focus should be stated as developing the internal supply system to promote fair and equitable consumption which will always include consideration for improving the living conditions and education opportunities for the poor. While the focus on 'self-reliance' should be changed to 'facilitating the global cooperation' in the advancing of science and technology.

20 September

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Harvest moonrise.

13 September

I downloaded my vaccine QR code from the Government of British Columbia website. I'm pleased with the process they have made, and clarity and simplicity of handling the image.

1 September

With the progression into this new month we are still facing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. I take it seriously and try to find the truthful ways to respond in every activity of daily life.

These are the fundamentals of my basis of choice: "you should refer to other doctors, and follow the majority vote. It is scientific consensus arrived at through the sound methods of science, rather than a particular opinion from an individual expert, that should be sought. In this regard, there are reputable national and international health agencies created for the purpose of assessing circumstances that impact public health and well-being, and of determining what can be considered the established scientific consensus." In this regard I consider the WHO and national health agencies of the whole world to contribute the most meaningful advice.

I see COVID-19 to be a transitory and evolving problem and need to change my understanding and behaviour as new influences emerge. I also believe that each individual inherently possesses the right to make an individual decision in this matter as to what to do, but is obliged to also follow community laws and requirements. Protest over the loss of rights for requirements protecting human life are detestable.

I acquired the vaccine as soon as possible and share my opinion that it is the best choice for most people to reduce the spread and eventually eliminate this danger from human life, in the way that smallpox and polio have been eliminated from society.

I hear many claiming to follow scientific evidence as presented by "selected experts" that they choose, but I believe the global community of scientists should be viewed as clearly as possible and the consensus of truth determined therefrom. It will remain an evolving issue and require constant adaptation. There is no final outcome visible to me at this time, and may require long term adaptability.

25 August

Pandemic has increased in August

The 'opening up' is still causing the pandemic to grow as is the resistance to vaccination.

16 August

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When I went to the mailbox today I saw the most quail I've seen in this neighbourhood; close to 50.

15 August

enlarge ...

This evening is very windy and the fires in this area are burning out of control like the Peachland fire about 30km and across the lake from our home as can be seen from Glenmore Highlands.

11 August

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Today I think I finished the wetting system for Lindea's rock sanding machine

3 August

It is quite amazing to me that I imagine and develop such new efficient algorithms to employ while I'm rewriting the code for my China train maps to fix a problem that arose with a change on the shared server I subscribe to.

30 July

Regional forest fire smoke is inundating the valley for weeks

Flights are being cancelled and many activities are being impacted.

21 July

My website development progresses with such diversity that I have difficulty keeping these pages functional.

I am now working with pages for past years and have developed new ideas for 2015 & 2016. It challenges the design process for this page.

9 July

Pandemic now increasing in July

Many places are 'opening up' and causing the pandemic to grow.


My latest web development is for the 1120 Rock Club in Kelowna which continues and uses some of my newest development ideas

The development for the club has resumed as the COVID-19 regulations are easing

30 June — 5pm 45°C (113°F)

The hottest temperature I've ever seen at our home in Kelowna.

29 June — 5pm 44°C (111°F)

Almost he hottest temperature I've ever seen at our home in Kelowna.

Pandemic still raging around the world in June

I want others to know I'm fully vaccinated so they can feel somewhat safe when I'm present
but nothing helps like being vaccinated themselves.

26 June, 2022

David got his second booster of Pfizer vaccine.

22 December, 2021

David got a booster of Pfizer vaccine.

16 December, 2021

Lindea got a booster of a full dose of Moderna vaccine.

3 July, 2021

Both are considered fully vaccinated.

19 June, 2021

Lindea got her second injection of the Pfizer vaccine.

18 June, 2021

David got his second injection of the Pfizer vaccine.

"Resort ye, in times of sickness, to competent physicians; We have not set aside the use of material means, rather have We confirmed it through this Pen, which God hath made to be the Dawning-place of His shining and glorious Cause."

"We have permitted you to read such sciences as are profitable unto you, not such as end in idle disputation; better is this for you, if ye be of them that comprehend."

10 May

I was hoping to see the light of opportunity to travel to Asia by now, but see that the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging in a few considerable places around the world.

I look at the whole world to get a proper perspective for my life, but do see the situation in individual places.

I can't yet see any possible date to resume my travels. I guess a little more patience is necessary!

My first rainbow of 2021

8 May — Rainbow over Dilworth Mountain

This is the first rainbow pictures I have taken this year.

Moonrise over Black Mountain

26 April — Super moon appears over valley

This is the first full moon pictures I have taken this year.

They were taken in a hurry so they are under exposed.

22 April

It is deeply disappointing to see the increasing claims to commit to climate change almost completely void of commitment to working to make it better by improving the environment. It is now mostly about cutting emissions and conversion to sustainable energy. It reminds me of about 50 years ago when I arrive in the Okanagan Valley and shared the idea that the valley should have a freeway to allow traffic to pass by without going along roads with stoplights at almost every intersection. It is now 50 years of one major highway through every community with uncountable lights and still no leadership to implement a freeway. 50 years of all transports, trucks and cars continually burning gas under the official concept of "traffic calming". 50 years of burning unnecessary fossil fuels while the mass of people who live here think that making traffic flow difficult will keep growth restricted and prevent population growth.

I would like to see development provide for better life for the world rather than hiding the problem behind self-interest arguments and failing to make better environmental behaviour. Increase the beauty and sustainability of the earth by turning the deserts into gardens rather than fighting the illusions promoted by the protesters for prevention. Do the right thing as a world unit rather than warring with the devil. It will be difficult to study the needs and establish the means but is there an alternative for the well being of making this planet the home it was intended to be for all humanity?

9 April — Got my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Got the Pfizer vaccine. No problems after first couple of days
Expect the second shot in about 16 weeks

Townhouse fire

6 April — Massive Fire in North Glenmore

We were awoken just before 6am with clamorous sirens. When Lindea looked out the front window she saw this massive fire less than 800m from our home and insisted I get up and look.

These pictures were taken from home when the fire was diminishing in size.

The new 2020 edition is now on sale from one of the authors on the site we have developed.

It is a very good book also for beginner adults.

I'm expecting 2021 to be the year of the most severe impact and social recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic

A lot of coding innovation for my webmaster work continuing into 2021
Many new things are being tried on A First Book of Knitting for Children while creating the site.

Market graphs

3 March

I see the price of stocks on the markets and wonder how it can be possible during such a pandemic in the world.

However, I do also see the daily movement of the markets, the assurance mainly of the Fed support (and other governments around the world) and the occasional comment of the billions of $ per day poured into the buying of securities.

I think of it as communistic capitalism.

Though appalled, I don't wonder at the extreme wealth divergence from fair economics.

I expect this diversion from real values to last about a year—perhaps quite a bit longer; but eventually the illusion that economics can be completely dictated by partisan interests will fail. The consequences will be traumatic.

First day of 2021

2021 New Year's Day

World COVID-19 daily graphs

Image slide test

I have begun the page for 2021 in the late summer of 2020.

The pandemic conditions are making my life more focused on possibilities of the mind rather than the material world.

This page has been started with a blue theme in respect for the blue feelings engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it is blue I'll strive to provide a reflection of pure light.

I am using this page also to develop new code and functions.