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Kelowna, 25 October

Yesterday I finally got the new mapping system to work for the China trains.

I had almost reached the conclusion that I couldn't succeed but tried one last hope (and lots of begging for divine inspiration) and things suddenly worked.

Now for the spit and polish.

At least now there is a way to do the maps without being frustrated by the Google war with China. There is now a silver lining to the cloud of the block that Google put on my website. The maps should now be open in China. I'll have to check with some friends there.

Kelowna, 20 September

I seem to be entering a new phase of my life. As I begin my planning for a trip to Uzbekistan in the spring new possibilities that have been growing over the years start flowing through my mind. more ...

As many who have known me since various moments in the past, my life is likely not one that could be predicted, yet having lived it and seen the forces of life at work, I must strive to understand it and play my part with the the way it is developing.

A very few have known me when I was living in the dark recesses of ignorance and poverty—with virtually no hope nor the means to contribute in any meaningful way to the progress of the world around me. I was a burden and embarrassment to most who came across my path. Yet deep within there was always a feeling of irresistible destiny. The belief that my life would become worthwhile. It has been a long and challenging journey so far. The future as indicated by the Revealer of Creation is far beyond the horizon of comprehension. I am on an endless path of discovery and participation of how a human life is evolving and has meaning.

The welcome mat needs to be placed at my doorway to some of the remaining activities of my life. It is no longer a life that should trouble those who live in this world. It is a life that has been blessed with hope and enriched by Divine Providence. It is the epitome of the outcome of the common struggle of democratic free will, the dedication to independent learning from all the resources available to the poor and an unimaginable assistance from the Creator of life. My religious belief cannot be placed in the context of any segmented group. I have tried to gain a grasp of the overall teachings of the Messengers from God in the past and continue in the struggle to adapt this learning and the current revelation of Bahá'u'lláh into the perspective of eternity that I face. It includes all life in the universe with an awareness that I must be as congenial as possible with everyone who crosses my path. I am not a leader, nor a follower in the general sense. I go according to what can be planned, I strive to adapt to meet the challenges along the way, I learn the sciences and technology that is needed as well as possible and try to help make this a more friendly and successful world of all people on the intended path to a wonderful civilization. I grope with the need to obey the necessary administrative systems of society and advise where possible. I will be here but a moment and then pass on.

Most of what I do is a failure compared to what it should be, but I see these endless failures are the only form of success possible. This life has more meaning as it is than anything I can imagine. All the failures added together help build a better world. The world of both material being and personal relationships will always fall short of the wishes for success. The true sense of happiness I have found lies in the awareness of each effort of a human being to intentionally strive to make life a better place. It is a happiness that can transcend all the sadness. It is a happiness that the least of all beings can know. It is a happiness that got me through the darkest moments of life and will likely do so on into the limitless future when I am again surrounded by impenetrable darkness. It is a happiness that is also apparent during the best moments of life.

I have decided to try making my way of life something that others may wish to participate in. All the learning I do with website technology now provides the means to make sharing possible. I intend to do this through this website.

At the moment anyone can contact me through the "Contact" email link on the Home page page. I'm expecting to add other forms of comment and engagement so that this can develop into a social platform.

Tune in occasionally to see how it progresses. At the moment I'm sharing the 2020 Spring Trip development calendar. It will undergo constant change with colours and links added as plans and bookings are made and other features are developed.

I invite others to come along or meet somewhere along the way; or just glance at the progress as time goes by.

Kelowna, 14 September

Kelowna, 1 September

A deer came to browse in our back yard

Kelowna, 29 June

Videos of Lindea singing at Winfield concert Goatherd & Bosom Buddies

Kelowna, 25 June

This statement provides the best advice for G5 security I have seen.

Kelowna, 10 June

I have started to book my next overseas trip.

I will be meeting Robert and Karina at her grandparents home in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine for most of a week in August.

Kelowna, 3 June

I have been home about 4 days and am getting caught up with the work that needs to be done.

I hope to soon get around to putting up my album of pictures of my Turkmenistan trip.

Kelowna, 19 January

Countries are a human creation; humanity is a divine creation.
My greatest allegiance is to the divine creation.