Economic Scholarship

I have long held the desire to do a scholarly study of economics with other interested people; yet continue to remain alone in my effort.

I have yet to find anyone with whom I can participate in meaningful dialogue in the field. I find the first response (if any) to my initial statements to be unvarnished assertions of contemporary indoctrination, opinionated outbursts of biased/prejudiced beliefs, and/or emotional expressions of frustration; virtually absent of personal hope and expectations of meaningful understanding and engagement. Things from which I tactfully disengage.

I would like to find a sincere desire to pursue the academic deliberation with an agreement on the groundwork and understanding of principles for universal economic well-being, but as yet this remains elusive.

Meanwhile, the global community is immersed in a devolving conflict of divisive isolationizing ideologies, lead by bodies of vested interest grasping, bullying opponents, intent on partisan victory; unconscious of or intentionally disregarding the fundamental unity and interdependence of life.

Life and Scholarship

The Power which is life is in an
eternal process of self expression.
The Power has desires and wishes.

The Power which gives life knows what it is doing.

The visible universe is but one result of the Power.

Is the universe alive?
It is the expression of life.
It is an evolving expression of divine will
with an intent to be observed for edification.

The capacity to know is a gift from the Power.
Fulfillment is cultivation of this gift.
Cultivation of the capacity to know
is achieved through scholarship.

Scholarship needs no institutional
nor authoritative approval,
it is enjoined by divine counseling.
It is facilitated by humility, humour, happiness
and the desire to understand.

© - David Clayton Ellsworth, 2015