This page demonstrates working examples of my
JavaScript Countdown/Count-up code.
'Load once — call many times'

This time interval is for 9:15PM, 1 August 2015 in Newfoundland.
Called in-line as an example of the versatility of the code.

The rest are called in the <body onLoad> tag.

11:30PM in Corner Brook, , is the same moment as

9:00PM in Vancouver, and

11:00AM the next day in China, .

My 71st Birthday began in Kelowna.

My 2015 visit to China and north Korea

Depart from Kelowna 8:20AM, 24 September

Depart on train T66 from Nanjing 10:38PM, 3 October

Depart on train K27 from Beijing 5:27PM, 16 November

Depart on train K28 from Dandong 18:31PM, 16 November

Arrive in Kelowna 3:59PM, 16 November

This picture of the moon was taken at Kelowna at 9:42PM, 31 July 2015